Construction site camera

Construction site camera with time-lapse construction documentation in the highest quality. Perfect and sharp images up to 45 megapixels.

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Available immediately; turnkey and configured; with installation by arrangement.
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Webcam types

Choose between:
Photo webcam up to 45 MP and IP webcam up to 8 MP with live image.
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Data protection compliant

100% data protection compliant! Unique Privacy Protector.
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Easy to install

Mounted in just a few steps.

Always and everywhere live

Construction documentation from start to finish: The construction site webcam records the progress on your construction site.

In case of construction defects, delays, cost explosions or similar, you have an important document as evidence. Depending on the construction period and activity, the interval of the image recordings can be flexibly adjusted.

The construction site webcam ensures that you never lose sight of your construction site. You don’t have to be on site or in your office for this. The construction site camera also transmits the images to your smartphone (iOs and Android) or can be viewed via web browser.

Perfect recordings,
perfect construction documentation

From the 8 megapixel IP camera to the 45 megapixel DSLR camera.

A construction site webcam customised to your needs

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You set the requirements for your construction documentation and we recommend the camera that suits your needs.

Construction site cameras are exposed to special circumstances. It is therefore all the more important that they are robust and that you choose your construction site camera carefully. With our construction site cameras, we rely on particularly high-quality and stable components as well as matching housings. These protect the construction site webcam from dust, snow and sun.

Flexible time intervals and recording schedule

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The image interval and recording schedule of the construction site webcam can be flexibly adjusted.

The intervals can be adjusted from a few seconds to several hours. This also depends on the camera, the transmission type and the suitable cloud service. This also depends on the camera, the transmission type and the suitable cloud service.

Which construction site camera?

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Construction site webcams can be implemented with very different cameras.

The suitable camera depends on the purpose. Possible cameras are:

  • Up to 45 MP photo webcam with SLR quality
  • Up to 8 MP IP camera with live image
  • 180° panorama camera
  • 360° degree camera

Click here to rentor buya construction site webcam.

If you are unsure which camera suits your construction project, please feel free to call us. We will advise you without obligation. We will advise you without obligation.

Also for extreme situations

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The construction site webcams also shine under extreme conditions.

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience, we can find a camera for you even if your construction site offers difficult camera conditions. Construction site cameras also work in the following situations, for example:

  • Tunnel construction
  • Blasting of caverns
  • In extreme heat up to +75 °C ambient temperature
  • In extreme cold down to -40 °C

Why choose a construction site webcam

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Top quality at affordable prices

We prefer Nikon cameras, which offer better lenses and image sensors than cameras that use mobile phone technology or fixed focus. In this way, we ensure razor-sharp image material.
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In the thick of it at all times

With the construction site webcam, you can document your construction site around the clock. We offer real live images with very little delay. This provides you with meaningful documentation that leaves no room for speculation.
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Simplest installation

We want to cause you as little effort as possible. That is why we deliver the camera ready for installation. The camera is ready for operation in just a few simple steps. If you still need help, we will be happy to assist you.
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What are the benefits of a construction site camera?

The construction site camera provides reliable evidence in the event of damage.
The construction site webcam prevents exploding construction costs.
The construction site webcam provides pin-sharp images 24 hours a day.
The construction site webcam logs the progress of your project.
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Free choice of camera

Every construction site has its own challenges, so our solutions are flexible and adaptable. You choose which and how many cameras you need, how the images are transmitted and where they are stored.
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Wireless transmission

The construction site webcam transmits your images directly from the camera to a location of your choice – wirelessly. If you wish, we can supply you with a 3G/4G router that makes wireless transmission of the images possible.
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100% data protection compliant

We create fair conditions. To ensure that the employees of your construction site do not feel that their rights have been violated, we provide you with a data protection-compliant solution. With the Privacy Protector you are on the safe side: It removes all persons and moving objects before publication. The camera owner also receives the original images.
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Over ten years of experience

At our company, everything has revolved around surveillance and webcam solutions for over ten years. Thanks to our experience with more than 2000 time-lapse projects, we find the right solution for every problem.